September 27, 1998

Column 19

The last time I wrote I talked about the execution of Tom and how they were executing a man who had evidence to prove he was innocent. Well, it didn't seem to matter, because they executed Tom anyway. Evidently they didn't think the fact that he was probably innocent was grounds to stop the execution and the only thing that is important is that the law was followed. If you go by that logic, then what the courts are saying is that you can execute innocent people, as long as the state follows the law. One of the things about this that pissed me off was the fact that the state had evidence for 15 years, that could have proved Tom was innocent, but they hid the evidence from Tom's lawyers, for all that time. Then, when the lawyers found out about this evidence, they tried to get a new trial so a jury could look at the evidence and decide if Tom was innocent or not. Well, the Attorney General and the Governor both said that this was just a tactic by Tom's lawyers to stall for time. I was amazed that they would have the nerve to tell a lie like that. But I guess they couldn't very well say, "Yes, they hid evidence, for 15 years, that could have freed Tom". Too bad that a Prosecutor can decide what evidence can be examined. I guess it is no surprise they would hide evidence that might lose a conviction. Too bad that cost Tom his life.

It must be another election year. I keep hearing (on these television ads) how strongly this candidate or that candidate supports the Death Penalty and who has a better political record of supporting the Death Penalty. Seems odd when it is normal, or even required that a person running for political office has to boast about how they support killing people. Too bad they don't put as much energy into the real issues like education and things of that nature.

Since I am on the topic of politics, I will make a few comments about this Clinton and Lewinski scandal. It seems this is the only important thing going on in America at the moment (or so you would think by watching our TV news or reading our newspapers). The fact that our economy is about to take a big hit (from the problems in Asia and Russia) isn't as important as where Clinton has been sticking his cigar. I am struck by some of the ironies in this whole sordid affair. I was talking to Ed (who owns this web site) about how the news media has ignored a very important factor in all of this with the Starr/Clinton situation. One of the big things with the Clinton Presidency is that they (he and Gore) have been fighting the tobacco companies and the tobacco companies have taken a big hit since Clinton took office. Well, what the so called "legitimate news media", haven't been telling the public is that Kenneth Starr was a big tobacco attorney for years, and he is still getting paid from the tobacco companies. I find it very odd that the media hasn't brought this to the publics attention lately. They did mention it right at the start of Starr's investigation of Whitewater (does anyone remember Whitewater?) but they haven't mentioned it again, after the start of the investigation. Seems to me that it is an important fact for the public to be aware of.

Another thing about this situation with Clinton and the Starr report and all that has happened since it came out (and don't get me wrong, I am not a fan of Clinton at all, but I figure he is better then the alternatives). I lost any respect for Clinton when he was still a Governor in Arkansas and used executions as a way to further his political career. One of the ironies about Clinton is, getting in front of the American people and confessing he did wrong and begging for the people's forgiveness and asking God to forgive him for his sins and all that other crap. Well, it seems to me, when prisoners on Arkansas Death Row were being executed, they asked for forgiveness and compassion and understanding from Clinton. In other words, all the things that Clinton is asking the American people for now. He didn't have a whole lot of forgiveness in his heart then, so I am curious why he thinks he deserves to be treated any differently. Besides, the American people are not the forgiving type. They make a lot of noise about forgiveness, but when you get right down to it, there isn't a lot of compassion there (we talk about compassion better than anyone else in the world, but it is only talk).

What I found very interesting about the Starr report and the way all of this has been handled was what the substance (if you can say a report about sex has substance) of the report contained. One of the popular tactics of Prosecutors is, when they are dealing with a defendant that they think the jury may be sympathetic to, is to try and embarrass and humiliate and degrade the defendant and to make him seem less human in the eyes of the jury. It seems that a lot of this report by Starr is designed to do just that. The Conservatives know that Clinton is a popular President and they would have trouble getting the support of the American people against Clinton. So by humiliating Clinton and embarrassing Clinton they are able to dehumanize him and to move peoples focus away from the important things and to focus on the nonsense (in this report) that is salacious and demeaning, but not illegal. I thought it was interesting to see them use this tactic on Clinton. I guess it just goes to show how organized they are in furthering their agenda. It isn't about justice, but rather about humiliation and embarrassing the President to the point where people don't support him and the Republicans can be there to reap the rewards. It reminds me of the sleazy guy who tells his friend's girlfriend: "your boyfriend is cheating on you", then he will offer his shoulder for comfort and for her to cry on, then he will try to weasel his way in there. Not a very good analogy, but hopefully you know the type that I'm talking about.

I think that is enough about the Clinton scandal. I'm sick of it and I'm sure you are too. I just hope that the Conservatives get what is coming to them for what they did to the country in the process of playing politics and trying to manipulate the American people. The sad thing is, I think America is starting to buy into it. Well, for a country that elected Reagan for two terms you don't expect the brightest bunch of people and it seems that they are proving it once again.

I think I will go ahead and end this one here. I hope this wasn't too boring for you and that there was something of interest for you. If not . . . oh well. I hope to be back to talk with you soon.